What is V-Ice?

An innovative tool that can be shared with your clients via email to give a real-life experience of your product range and business propositions on a virtual platform to a worldwide audience

What does the V-Ice platform do?

Allows you to create an amazing virtual, interactive environment that you own and that can be modified and updated for continual use – no storage fees!

How can it benefit my business?

By creating amazing environments that allow both new and existing customers the opportunity to interact with your new products or investigate your services from the comfort of their own homes and offices

How can I share this with my customers?

You can upload with ease to your website and social media accounts for maximum reach and impact.

What makes this different from a traditional exhibition?

Virtual exhibition design can be anything you want it to be as there are not the constraints of physical construction and installation and from a financial point of view, incredible virtual structures can be created for a fraction of the cost thus creating memorable experiences that would be impossible to replicate in a face to face environment.

The only thing that could hold you back is your imagination! 

How much does a virtual creative environment cost?

Due to the level of customisation available in our platform, we price each project on a case by case basis. If you would like to discuss a project then please get in contact using our contact form here