Virtual creative environments to showcase your business to the world. 

Virtual Exhibition Stand Design

Why should you decide to have a virtual exhibition stand or virtual creative environment created for your company?

In this ever changing world, face to face events are currently on hold and while this is the case companies will have limited opportunities to present their product range / service proposition to both existing and potentially new customers so what is the solution –

Your very own bespoke virtual exhibition design / environment solution

Providing a virtual design within your own virtual exhibition platform will allow you present your company / brands effortlessly to a worldwide audience in a stylistic manner that would mirror the approach that you would adopt for face to face activity.

By increasing engagement through augmented reality visitors to the site can also use their phones to instantly explore products or services in the comfort of their own home or office without the need to build expensive exhibition stand structures. AR is an ideal way to provide virtual audiences with personalised experiences at the fraction of the cost of a real exhibition and whatever your product or service we can develop and deliver solutions that align with your corporate identity and messaging that will resonate with your audience.

Once invited to visit customers can navigate at their own pace around an amazing environment where they can view video content, download specification and data sheets, experience 360 degree product demonstrations, listen to seminars and to interact with team members in real time all at the click of a mouse.

The virtual solution is a cost effective marketing and sales tool that will deliver a fantastic return on investment and from as low as £5,000.00 we can deliver unique design solutions that once created will not be disposed of or kept in storage with costly yearly fees!

Should the best approach be a virtual solution then V-ICE would approach the project with the same precision and detail as we would with an actual exhibition stand build making sure that the end customer receives the same experience and information that would be required and to ultimately achieving the same results and interactions that would be the objective of any live or virtual event experience.

If you cannot go face to face then go mouse to mouse!

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